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Fragrance Reduced Office
Please be advised that there is a member of our SBC staff who has a serious allergy to scents and/or fragrances.

In order to provide a safe environment, we are asking for cooperation from staff, community members and visitors to avoid the use of fragrances or scented products while at the Skidegate Band Council Admin Office.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Gud Ga Is Kuuniisii Gan Yahguudang. KunGasda Tll llgihl  – Being together to talk. Honouring the Past. Shaping our Future
Skidegate Community Comprehensive Plan 2012-2017

For people who have applications in under the ‘ADOPTION UNIT’ in Ottawa.

Please call them or mail in your new address if you have moved. I have spoken to a representative on a file and they close them if they are wanting to corresponf with the applicants and they receive no reply. If your application was with Alrita make sure your contact address is yours and not Alrita’s office in Prince Rupert.

The phone number to call is 819-953-6241. Ask what the status of your application is, you should have received an acknowled of your application and they would have given you a file number.

You will have to leave a message with that file number, if you do not have a file number you can leave your full name and birthdate and they can check on the status of your file. The ‘ADOPTION UNIT’ would be corresponding with the adopting parent(s).

Emergency Calls
We would like to request that when calling the ambulance that you please specify your emergency is in Skidegate, as Queen Charlotte has some of the same street names as Skidegate. This could delay the ambulance reaching you in a timely manner.

SBC Dog By-law
We are pleased to inform you that the captioned by-law, here, will come into force on June 1, 2008 pursuant to section 82 of the Indian Act. We have included the following comments for your consideration.